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Possible false positive after enabling "Advanced algorithms"


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I have recently detected several possible pieces of malware - the 2 files that I have uploaded as .rar were detected in my computer. These files were flagged 4 times each in total, as they are found in several other parts of the same programs - Rainmeter, a desktop personalisation program.

I ran a full custom scan, set to detect all options, and flag all things, such as PUP's. These files were not detected by my Anti-Virus (Avast) or by another scanner (Emsisoft Emergency Kit), both which are up-to-date.

I have ran several scans of all types, of a range of security programs (Hitman Pro, Emsisoft, Avast, TDSKiller, RKILL, adwcleaner and ESET) and I do so very regularly. Never before have any of these files been flagged by anything, or have I had any sort of issues with these files. The files have been in my computer for a handful of years now.

The only difference between my normal scanning process and this scan, was that I had enabled the following setting - "Use expert system algorithms to identify malicious files"".

I know this is an machine learning based aspect to MalwareBytes, and following some research, I know it has flagged up FP before.


Should I be worried about these files, or is this just a false positive following the new setting being enabled?

If you need any more information/files etc, let me know.

RainRGB4.rar NXT-OS.rar

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