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Safe lyric sites?

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So I've learned that lyric websites can be unsafe.

However, I like to read lyrics before I buy an album.

I used to use azlyrics and some other site I can't remember right now, or random sites from google (I haven't used either in quite a while now).

Does anyone know of any safe lyric websites that I can use?

I also figure that the bands or artists official website is probably safe.

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aw darn.

hmmm. Thanks anyway Chimpy ;)

I think the bands or artists official website should be safe though, what do you and Exile think? :o

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@ Exile

ah, thats good :o I mostly used the official site anyway, unless I couldn't find it or was too lazy lol ;) but will do from now on!

And definitely, they are more accurate anyway. azlyrics I think relies on user submissions, so they wouldn't always be correct anyway.

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off the topic slighly;

finding WOT pretty useless nowadays.

the ratings are wild.

sites that arent safe are getting good ratings,seems like pps are just throwing out ratings because they like the site and for no other reason.

found a heapfull are blocked by my hosts file;that are well rated.

i thought it was a good idea at first and for a while it was,now i am not so sure.

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