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Upcoming Malwarebytes Forums Improvements

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I have some exciting news to share about some upcoming improvements to the Malwarebytes Forums. Check out the details below:

IPS Community Suite 4.5 Upgrade
I am excited to share that on August 31st, 2020, IPS has planned to upgrade our Forums to version 4.5.1 of the IPS Community Suite. This update will bring in some very welcomed new features, bug fixes, and open the door for some stuff we have planned down the road.

  • Mark As Solved – Staff will now be able to mark any post as a solution which will not only highlight it but make it easy for users to jump directly to the solution itself.
  • New Default UI – The default UI is getting a facelift and soon you will be able to choose from multiple layouts for a more customized experience.
  • Backend Improvements – improved performance, easier theme creation, refined moderation/administration, and extensibility to enable cool stuff in the future.

We expect this update to go smoothly with minimal downtime. Once it’s complete, you’ll likely notice the UI has been refined a bit on your next login. If you happen to see anything odd after we upgrade, just let us know.

BBCode Parsing Support Ending Soon
We have been informed that BBCode Parsing will be removed from IPS in the near future. When support ends, new posts that attempt to use BBCode will not process those tags and instead, they will appear as text. This change does not impact previously posted content that used BBCode as that content has already been converted to HTML. Keep in mind that all users will still have access to all the rich content formatting options in the CKEditor Toolbar.

New Staff Signatures
We are working on a unified refreshed signature image for all staff members. This will continue to make it easy to identify staff and bring the branding up to date. You may see my Staff Signature change a little bit as we try out different options.

Changes to the Guest Experience
We have made some minor changes to the appearance of the Forums for guests/non-members. Guest users may see a banner image in certain areas of the Forums that will offer Malwarebytes to download or purchase. These banners will not appear for our registered users.

Reaction and Reputation System
We will be enabling a reaction and reputation system to help drive engagement and showcase users that help grow the community. Essentially, users will be able to react with a "Thanks" or Like" to any post. More details on when this will go live are coming soon.

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