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Don't know if this has been brought up before but is there a chance that Malwarebytes can be opened from the taskbar by right clicking icon. If I need to open up program and check tools or log files or even settings I need to go to desk top to open it. How about auto updates instead of clicking on check for updates all the time. Maybe these suggestions can be implemented in your next upcoming release.

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Welcome to Malwarebytes!

When you rt. mouse click on the icon on the taskbar. You can bring up the entire program with Start Scanner then go to what tab you want. Check for Updates is there for you. So your saying you want more features on the Malwarebytes taskbar icon? ...regards...

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Hello sho-dan

I mean there are multiple updates available per 24 hrs. But scheduled updating can be done only once in 24 hours even in paid version.

I wish for a auto-updating feature like avira/avast have.

Hope what I meant is clear.

FYI: Mine's is paid version & to my knowledge auto-update feature is not available in paid version to.

If I am not correct please guide me.

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Hello srtools1980y

Open MBAM > click the Protection tab >Scheduling > check the Auto update box(pick the time) same for Auto quick scan.

In "General Settings" check both options to start and to minimized the scheduled options.

If I remember there may have been talks about adding multiple times to the auto update option.

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exile's correct. You can make an advanced task in Task Scheduler that calls up mbam.exe with the /runupdate command line switch or the /updateshowdialog switch. It's not very difficult to set up and if anyone needs more help, feel free to PM me.

I have tested it on my computer at work and it looks for updates every 4 hours as long as I'm logged in which is the way I wanted it.

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Will this feature be added to a future version? I hope so.

Maybe on the icon we could add malwarebytes on the web or internet or about so we could access home page quicker then waiting for the GUI to load and then clicking on about then malwarebytes.org just a thought.

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The free version of Avira only updates daily, the paid versions update more frequently.

All versions can download daily updates, usually more than once a day, but both versions don't do it the same way.

The paid version downloads from specific servers, at top speed and with responsiveness, you click and you get the update. You can update several time a day with both versions.

The free version downloads from other servers that seem to be satured by connections : when there is a program update, pushing 3Mb of data instead of the usual 100kb of incremental definition updates, the whole downloding proces is slowed down, and sometimes the users don't get the file and have to wait, or make a manual update (this works perfect), until the program updates are pushed to every free version user, but that's something different. The free version uses a scheduled task for daily updates, but you can manually launch the update process more than once a day, and get definitions, if they are ready to download.

Since Avira uses an incremental system, they push updates directly, more than once a day.

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