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exe file created using Visual Studio is quarantined when run


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Sadly i am still getting it

-Blocked Malware Details-File: 1
Malware.Heuristic.106, C:\Users\madus\Desktop\Link.exe, Quarantined, 1000001, 0, 1.0.28623, 00000000000000000000006A, dds, 00856278, 6E322E571BE9DD48434E4EA1CF86C87E, 7077FA735A154F14EEB14DE41A559108FF2157DB2D36183ED150DB46DA7B0325" Started happening 5 hours ago

DO i need to update anything? <important this>

The work around for adding my dev tree to allowed lsit is ok for me but
As i said in the other thread its effecting archived executables - so existing clients would get this if they use malwarebytes

Hope im making sense

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We write complete suits of programs for oil industry
All these files were not quarantineing untill 5 hours ago now every thing i build and run on any computer with malwarebytes quarentines with "Malware.Heuristic.106"

It does not have to be the dev box that made it either- my QA test box is unable to run anything we make with visual studio

i just forced a small update and reboot but it made no difference
I even reinsalled malwarebytes from scrach to no avail

this is just weird :¬(

i will submit one of our smalled files link.exe i will zip it up


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I have the same issue. Since this morning (EDT) every Visual Studio .exe I generate is automatically quarantined (initially thought it was a VS issue, reinstalled, etc) because I could not debug the code anymore since the exe file was quaratined instantly...

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