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27 minutes ago, r0dster said:

Same, I restarted the phone and the “force update” still does nothing and “last update response” doesn’t change...galaxy s10 latest samsung firmware

Okay it updated now, it didn’t show that it was doing anything but the “last update response” time has now changed

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For me, the update happened automatically in the background, so tapping force update did nothing because I already had the latest, fixed signature file. To know if yours is up to date, compare the timestamp on the last update showing in the app with the time on administrator post linked in the banner of the forums homepage.

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Wow, I thought, What did I do to get a android malware, haven't ever had one and now the whole phone was infected.   I understand computer virus and malware pretty well but had no clue what to expect with a android virus/malware.  Thankfully all I had to do was a simple search for this PUP in the forums and it was all resolved by the time I noticed the problem on my phone.  Thanks for the quick fix. 

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  • Root Admin

The issue is resolved now. Updated malware db is now live. v2020.08.14.02.
Please do a manual database update, Hamburger thingy in upper left > Settings > Other > Force Update

Try swiping to see if update is running or not. You can also try restarting the phone. In some cases you may need to wait about 5 minutes or more between update checks.

Tapping 'Force update' won't show a status notification, the update will take a minute or two to download and populate.
You can see what version of the malware db you have installed by tapping the Hamburger thingy in upper left > About >  App version down 'V' > Malware database



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updated information
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4 minutes ago, JPerez said:

Can't get it to update, having the same problem. - so it looks like it did the update after I restarted and is now scanning. Was a little confusing as after I hit the force update it just didn't seem to do anything.

Some of the apps that had malware before are now clean.

Thank you for quick response. 

Will there be report as to what caused? Would be good to know. 



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Malwarebytes - I don't expect to have to jump through hoops to get a simple procedure like a manual/forced update to initiate. I'm running a Sony Flagship so don't even go there with "phone model" 

I've been a contract programmer for over 30 years - I have little patience for fcukups like this from an outfit as big as yours! 

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Just now, AdvancedSetup said:

Hello @K8E

You would need to reinstall them from a backup if you were backing up your phone which you should be.
If you were not backing up your phone then you'd need to manually reinstall apps

We can have you open a ticket with the Helpdesk if you need further assistance with this.


Yes please. I tried going to the Google Play store in the Google Chrome browser but it wouldn't let me reinstall apps.

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