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5 minutes ago, Erinne said:

I'm glad to see a quick response on this one. I created a forum account specifically to question this, as my daily scan just came back with 117 results of this exact problem. Last night's scan was all clean, so it was mildly concerning.

Omg yes. I think it's funny that the technological side of the world just immediately congregates on a forum. It made me really panic when I could not find anything on Google.

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2 minutes ago, Stale said:

I have the very same issue. Coming from a tech graduate and I tend to stay clean, this false positive scared me. I had 91 apps triggered. Even Netflix.

I was watching a movie and then I see a notification saying "190 malware detected" and I'm questioning my sanity for a bit there 🤪

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1 minute ago, Stecnet said:

I literally did just got this exact warning too!? Just about every app on my phone has this infection? It warned my I can't delete because many of these are system apps WTF is going on???

Very likely an error somewhere. Hang tight and wait for the fix. Just be grateful we ALL have the issue.

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Ditto! This just happened to me as well. I was watching Netflix and a notification popped up saying Malwarebytes found 43 threats! Say whay?! I looked and they all have the same thing "Android/PUP.Risktool.CallPay.lo" and it's everything! Google Play Store, Google Services for AR, YouTube, Uber, Uber Eats, Google, OneDrive, MyPhone, Messages, Netflix, etc, etc... My phone is a Nokia 7.2 and I have Malwarebytes Premium.

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