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False Positive report: sberbankcz.cz & sberbank.cz & ib.sberbankcz.cz


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we have observed that our official banking and internet banking pages are "blocked" due to "reputation".  I would like to kindly ask you to remove this exclamation. We are trying to contact all vendors which marked our site as suspicious/malware/phishing manualy and remove this false-positive marking. Some of the already responded positively.

Can you please also check why Malwarebytes tells the user that it is unsafe to view the websites: sberbank.cz; sberbankcz.cz; ib.sberbankcz.cz

Much appreciate your response. Wish you nice day.

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I have whitelisted the sites.  The reputation block did not say that it is unsafe to view the websites. It said it may contain malware activity.  The reputation block originates from the volume of traffic going to a website.  It may also be related to the top level domain (.cz).  Non-standard TLDs are commonly used for malicious activity, and we do our best to protect our users.  If a website that had a reputation block received more traffic from users not using Browser Guard (or by Browser Guard users who set an exclusion), the reputation block could very easily disappear by itself.

In this case, I have taken care of that by adding your sites to the whitelist.  Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

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