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BSOD and system slow downs

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No, if you have a VALID Windows 8 license you can format the drive and install Windows 10 from scratch and it will use your Windows 8 license and activate without an issue. If you're using a license that has been found on the Internet or one that you shared with others to the point Microsoft has black listed then those would be an issue.

Microsoft does not officially offer the free Windows 10 upgrade anymore, however in many many posts on the Web and on systems I've built as well the upgrade does still work as it did years ago when it was offered. Right, wrong, or otherwise Microsoft does not appear to have put anything in place to prevent it at this time.



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tks @AdvancedSetup but drivers support for win 10 can come in the way. so not inclined to go for it. And win 8 license is valid one being OEM install with system when it was purchased in 2013. so not an issue. the confusion comes with 8 & 8.1 when 8 key is not accepted for 8.1 install, though free upgrade to 8.1 was offered to all win 8 users.

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@AdvancedSetup i was the first to install win 10 even before it's official launch in my win 7 acer laptop but later had to switch to live-cd plagued by compatibility issues and so wary of going for it for the lenovo system. Maybe if win 8,1 corrupts again, will try out win 10 then, but for now don't want to risk going in for win 10 and face compatibility issues to affect my trading. tks. for suggestion.

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Maybe can try multiboot with 8,1 & 10 but maybe later, I'm pretty exhausted from all the struggles y'day in trying to reinstall 8,1. and couldn't carry out tarding studies for next week's trading plans. so inclined to leave things as they are now and concentrate on my trading plans. tks.

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