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Best Tech Movies That Every Programmer Must Watch


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Best Tech Movies That Every Programmer Must Watch


Every individual takes their life similar to movie fantasies. Every Programmer always loves to see their professional life from the perspective of movies. We all know that Hollywood is well-known for showing the best application of Artificial Intelligence perfectly. Therefore let us take a note to the best movies that every programmer should watch.

1. Tron 

The movie is released in 1982. It is a science fiction action-adventure film. The direction was by Steven Lisberger from a story by Lisberger and starred by Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer. The Movie shows how Jeff Bridges get sucked in the computer world and tries to escape from there by interacting with the computer world. At last, he manages to get skipped from this computer world and return to the normal world by applying his knowledge. This turns out to be the best movie to watch for the programmers as it teaches us to apply our tech knowledge in different situations. 

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It's an excellent show in my opinion, and the way they approach diagnosing the difficult cases teaches many valid methods for troubleshooting a difficult to diagnose issue, including process of elimination, outside the box thinking, logical analysis, and using intuition to find the answers to a problem and a whole lot more.

If you want to be in Product Management, I recommend watching Tron, only because of Tron's motto: I fight for the USER!, as this is the essence of what makes a great Product Manager (at least in my opinion); representing the voice and interest of the customer/end user of a product.

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