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USB ports no longer work


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Note: The source of the problem has been resolved, see last post ;)

I am making this post for a friend that I know online.

Here is what she told me via IMing:

well i had my mp3 player for about a week at the time and since i didn't know you had to safely remove the hardware, i was constantly plugging the mp3 player cord in and out of the usb port. then one day, i plugged it in and window for the program wouldn't come up anymore. now none of the usb ports work and it also affected the webcam that's built into the laptop cuz it stopped working at the same time my usb ports did

and it's a hp pavillion dv6000

She also told me that her printer doesn't work now because its a USB cord that connects it.

Any ideas on what may have gone wrong and is there a way that she might possibly be able to fix it herself, or would this require bringing it to a shop or something?

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I'll address the printer issue since thats happened to me! Have her shut off the PC. Leave it off. Unplug the power cable from the back of the printer, and the USB plug. Wait for 1 min. Plug in the Power cord to the printer, then the USB to the printer. Turn on the PC.... (its a bland generic fix you might have heard from phone tech support) but a place to start. She can check the Control Panel and see if there's a printer icon in there. The printer drivers may need to be reloaded?

As for your the usb issue not working at all.

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@ yardbird & exile

Thank you for the responses! I let her know what you said and she'll keep me posted on what happens and I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks again, I and she appreciate it ;)

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PMing with Exile,

He figured out it was this:

"It's NVIDIA. I was right. If it's still under warranty she should take it to a Certified HP Service Center (Best Buy etc) and they can facilitate a warranty repair. They'll replace the motherboard and likely format the HDD so she needs to back up all of her data before she takes it in. Probably on DVD's since her USB ports aren't working."

The source of the problem has been resolved.

note: If you are reading this thread and you are having similar problems, please post a new topic as this may not be the issue that your computer is having.

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