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Malwarebytes Privacy review: The foundation is there, the performance is no


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Tried it myself, and connection takes some time and speed varies with location (esp. upload is better with some locations while download is literally same, Compared with other VPN (compared with purevpn) and generally feel the multi location choice esp.  for a country seems a overkill, as everyone offers country  to overcome any region blocks and sufficient and multi choice for a part country seems an overkill, but must say in some cases like in UK there is different in speeds with London , Manchester servers, with Manchester giving better speeds than London one.

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I tested my speeds before and after installing MWB Privacy and I lost more than half in download speed.  Now I do have to say I have a higher than most internet speed due to working from home and I need to download and upload large picture/audio/video intensive files.  The reason I tested prior to implementation of MWB Privacy is I've tried other VPN programs in the past and my speeds dropped so bad that I had to turn it off so I could access the online programs for work.  I was hoping speed loss wouldn't occur with this program, but alas it does occur, the loss was not as bad as the other program I tried.  I'm going to keep it on for today and see if it affects my ability to upload and download the large files I need. 


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Here are my tests from today @BQQBQQ I have paid accounts with each of the products below


Direct connection to my ISP


Connection using Malwarebytes Privacy VPN


Connection using CyberGhost VPN


Connection using Express VPN



I believe something was up with CyberGhost as it used to be very slow but recently the speeds have greatly improved but today they were a bit slower for some reason

Thank you for your feedback everyone


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