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Test of Malwarebytes for macOS 4.5 Beta

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  • Installed without problems
  • It works properly both after a Reboot and after a Shutdown and Start of the Mac
  • I have tried all EICAR files that are correctly detected by real-time protection.
  • Manual and scheduled scan work correctly and detect both EICAR files. (To do the test I had to disable temporarily the RTP)
  • Quarantine work correctly


  • The only drawback could be that with five EICAR files it signals me 6 items scanned and 5 threats detected and corrected; I assume, correct me if I'm wrong, that the 6th item is the Malwarebytes folder under \ Users \ Shared (I attach screenshots)


  • It always remains just too easy, for those who shouldn't, turn off real-time protection




Only thing: a question.

  • I keep having the old extension in StagedExtension.
  • In SystemExtension I only have the extension of the Beta VPN MWB
  • I have not been able to understand where the new SystemExtension is and I can no longer find the old KEXT (except in StagedExtension).


@treed can you clarify?

Thank you

Have a good day




My Mac configuration

MacBook Pro 9,2 (A1278) 13" Mid 2012 Non-Retina Display 

macOS 10.15.6 (19G73)

10GB Ram

240 GB SSD Kingston


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All this is normal.

  • Folders are counted as well as files, so the Malwarebytes folder counts as one. (Remember apps on macOS are folders and thus are counted as equal to files.)
  • There are a few different ways to use a system extension, and only one of them results in entries being created in the SystemExtensions folder
  • The StagedExtensions folder is entirely managed by Apple, and is protected by SIP, so it's not possible to remove items from that location without turning off SIP. It would be nice if macOS removed items from StagedExtensions once they have been successfully allowed, but that doesn't seem to happen, leading to the extension hanging around in there long term. It's not actually running from there, though.

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