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Slow internet after Malwarebytes 4. update

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a present quand je veux ouvrir malwarebyte, rien ne se passe, ni par le menu contextuel sur la barre de taches, ni en double cliquant sur l'icone barre de tache, ni en cliquant sur l'icone bureau. J'utilise Chrome, mais le probleme survient avec edge.

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This Windows machine is on Windows 10 Version 1909.   So one of my suggestions is that you do a run of Microsoft Windows Update so that it gets the Version 2004

The other suggestion I have is if there is a repeating issue of seeming freeze, that yu just set Malwarebytes Premium to not start with Windows.
Start the program, click Settings >>  then click the Security tab
then look for Windows Startup
and tick to the left   ( for Off ) for the auto start with Windows

The other suggestion I have ( if not already done ) is to create a Support ticket with Malwarebytes Support


I very much regret the trouble you have had.  It is best sometimes to just set the program to not auto-start that way all history logs are preserved  and that you get direct help from Support
By best wishes to you.

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OK.   I am understanding that you have set the Ransomware protection to Off

and also that you set the Notification to Off for when a real-time protection is not on.

I would still suggest that you create a Support ticket so that you get into the queue.   Have patience.  Follow the directions of the automated first reply.

It may take 3-4 business days before a actual Support team member does the first reply to you.

I wish you well.

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Ok. For the moment with the ransomware protection disable, i have no more "host resolution" and "slow pc" issues.

The Pc run fine!

For the 2004 version update, I don't think I can do anything until microsoft deploys its update for my machine.

I will issue a ticket to support for this "pc slowdown" and "host resolution" issue when ransomware protection is enabled.
Thanks for your help!
Do you well!

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Glad we could help.

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