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Manufacturer "Marvell" Website blocked due to a suspicious download

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Hello all,

Could I please ask for Community assistance to check for a false positive from Malwarebytes Browser Guard?

The MBG warning "Website blocked due to a suspicious download" occurred as I clicked on a download link from Aquantia Corporation.

For quick reference, Aquantia Corporation was recently acquired by Marvell Technology Group (in September-2019).  The Aquantia brand seems to be in-process of being assimilated under the Marvell Technology Group corporate umbrella.  Currently, the "www.aquantia.com" home page redirects to the "www.marvell.com" main website but the original Aquantia downloads area is still actively providing drivers for Aquantia-branded products.  Concurrently, some Aquantia drivers are also available via Marvell's download page.

Reference URLs:
Marvell Technology Group:  https://www.marvell.com/
Marvel downloads:  https://www.marvell.com/support/downloads.html
Aquantia downloads:  https://driverdownloads.aquantia.com/

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,

Blocked by Browser Guard - Microsoft​ Edge 7_26_2020 6_10_56 PM.png

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Sorry, but only the staff can help with this and they'll be back from the weekend in a few hours.

The instructions for the forum ask for a VirusTotal analysis, so I've done that for you: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/681ef5121a67b7c4ab8ba8f7f41b1c5fd39d615e124e4978f46c3a4722883f3c/detection. All clean.

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I successfully downloaded a few files from Marvell with no whitelisting needed.  I was blocked on the Aquantia site, so I added a whitelist entry there that should cover all downloads.  Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

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