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Re Install Malware Thats Already Purchased

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Recently purchased Malwarebytes - the next day my computer crashed. When the laptop was scrubbed and ready to

go again, I cannot find a place to "reinstall" Malwarebytes. I have done the 'free download' but he upgrade only opts

for payment (which I have already done). Need to know where to re-install with ID and Key that I have from original

purchase. Help anyone? Thanks, Edg

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But USB drives get corrupted very easily like floppies. So you will be in trouble again.

Better take a copy in CD along with the .exe file.

or note down the key# in a diary. (Be careful about the characters 1 & I, 0 & O). hehe


I find USB flash drives to be far superior to any other removable storage is why I use them. I'm sorry but I just don't agree that they get corrupted "very easily", it is easier to accidentally scratch a CD-R and render it unreadable than to damage a USB flash drive. Honestly, I have stopped using CDs for anything that I need quick access to, primary use is for long term storage and if what I read lately about CD-Rs is true, that isn't very long either.

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I agree with you deathtospyware.

One fingerprint on a CD-R sometimes makes it a good coffee coaster and that's all.

Fingerprints are the nemisis of CDs and good old vinyl LPs.

I have fingerprints all over my USB Flash drives and never had a problem with them.

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  • Root Admin

I think the "corruption" that was mentioned is that Malware can easily attack and attach to a USB drive and then be transferred over to a clean system using a USB drive.

Using a CD this cannot happen. It takes more work and effort but is far safer when dealing with cleaning an infected computer.

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Thanks, You understood what I meant.

I assume deathtospyware, YoKenny1 & Firefox misunderstood it for physical damage. (scratches, fingerprints, dropping in washing-machine, cd life).

Then another thing, you don't use a cd (with prog. keys stored) often na & only once in a bluemoon you use it, probably after an OS reinstall. So physical wear & tear will be very less know, as the usage is rare.

What I do while burning data on CD's:(Tips to enhance the lifespan of cd's).

1) Buy a reputed brand,

2) Burn at slowest possible speed &

3) Don't write on the CD with marker pen, (instead, write on the cover along with burned date), because the marker ink contains solvent/chemicals which will leech slowly into the aluminium foil (the data we burn with laser is etched on this foil) & corrode the foil, thus making the CD useless after say about 3 years.

4) Store CD's away from magnetic fields.

5) Handle CD's the same way as you handle photographs.

6) Copy the data from the old CD to a new CD after 3 years.

If you follow the above first 5 points, the life of the CD will be enhanced.

FYI: In Genuine CD's (eg: music cd's from Sony, OS cd's from MS) the data is pressed & it is not burned with laser, thats why they have a longer lifespan, when compared to burnt cd's.

Regd. point# 3 please don't ask me the source, as it's confidential & not to be revealed here now. But I can only tell it's a type of corrosion.

Thanks & Regards. I welcome your comments.

On-Track : Hi edg! whether your problem was resolved or not please let us know.

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