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  • no problem with the installation. macOS requires approval of the extension as soon as you try to activate the connection
  • there seem to be no particular slowdowns. I am in Italy and if I use the only Italian server the speed (in the first ookla speed test tests) seems almost the same. I will see better in the next few days. If I use foreign servers, the slowdown is quite evident
  • The only problem (assuming it is) that I encountered in these first minutes of testing is: IF I RESTART THE MAC, THE VPN CONNECTION MUST BE REACTIVATED MANUALLY

My Mac is a MacBook Pro Mid 2012 13" Non-Retina Display (Intel i5 2,5 Ghz - 10GB RAM (8+2) -  with macOS 10.15.6 (19G73) and I have Malwarebytes Premium version 4.4.11 - 4.0.492


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It sounds like the issue you're experiencing may be due to this known issue from the pinned topic:

If you do not allow the system extension, the app will not work until you manually do so, and there is currently no guidance in the app on how to do that

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59 minutes ago, MAXBAR1 said:

The only problem (assuming it is) that I encountered in these first minutes of testing is: IF I RESTART THE MAC, THE VPN CONNECTION MUST BE REACTIVATED MANUALLY

That is expected at the moment. We do plan to add an option to automatically reconnect, but that won't be ready for version 1.0.

Also, the speed decrease when using servers in more distant locations is pretty normal for any kind of VPN, although it shouldn't be huge. For example, when I connect through Sweden, I see a small decrease in speed, but usually it's around a 1 Mbps change. (Just now, testing showed about 25 Mbps through Sweden, and 26 Mbps with the VPN off.) Are you seeing something more significant?

Thanks for your feedback!

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I currently use a wireless connection with my provider's proprietary technology that has a maximum speed of 30/3 Mb/s ((if you want to find out about the technology used - unfortunately it is in Italian)

I am attaching some screenshots of the Ookla speedtests (not made via the internet but with the app downloaded from the Mac AppStore):

NO VPN (The NO VPN place is quite isolated in the mountains)








Los Angeles


I hope they can be useful for an evaluation

Edited by MAXBAR1
added clarification on method used for speed test
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