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Too much trouble with Malwarebytes


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This is copy of the email I sent to support@malwarebytes.com 6/27/20. I received no reply. I will not again pay for Malwarebytes. I'll just use the free version or just move to Avast or just consider Windows Defender to be good enough.

For no reason that I know of Malwarebytes slowed my computer. Every keystroke takes 1-5 minutes but everything works. My Computer Repair Specialist advised me to uninstall Malwarebytes to find if that was the problem and it was!!. So what do I do now? Otherwise, it has been working fine.

Also, I'm not going to waste any more of my time verifying what version I purchased or anything like that. The reason I did the paid version is I though I would get better support service than the the free version but you guys provide no service at all.

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3 minutes ago, arlener said:

This is copy of the email I sent to support@malwarebytes.com 6/27/20. I received no reply.

I had mentioned in a previous post in one of your topics that trying to send an email is not the best way to get support. This forum or the support desk are the best ways to get support.

We are always responsive here on the forums and can solve issues faster.

There is a new beta version that corrects the slowness.


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  • Root Admin

Hello @arlener

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having performance issues with the program. Please enable beta updates as recommended by @Porthos and check for updates and that should correct your issue. If you need help or further instructions on enabling beta please let us know.


Malwarebytes Beta community,

Hoping you remain safe, we have a new Malwarebytes quick Beta update for your product: version component update 1.0.990

As you know, if you are signed up in our Beta program, please go ahead and retrieve the update manually by clicking "Check for updates" under Application Updates in Settings > General. 

This Beta addresses:

  • Fixed: MB4 causes severe system performance issues with Windows 10 v2004. 

Thank you so much,





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18 minutes ago, arlener said:

I had to uninstall my Malwarebytes so how do I get that downloaded again?

You will have to enable beta updated to get the fixed version after install.

You can opt in to receive beta updates by launching Malwarebytes 4, going to Settings > General > Beta updates and then toggle the switch so the setting is enabled.

After you've opted in to the beta updates, manually check for updates from that same screen: Settings > General > Application Updates and then click the Check for Updates button. 


Beta Updates.png

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1 minute ago, arlener said:

Thanks for that tip. Mine looks like that now. Previously I did extra Check For Updates after enabling beta in Settings. All seems to be well now.

I glad things are working correctly. If you have any further issues come back here (the Forums) for assistance.

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