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updated to Component 1.0.990

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ATTN   @Erix   & team

I just guided one customer to doing a new install & then elect into the latest Beta of MB4.   Now mind you this is day zero.

But signs are good.  He had had issues on Chrome with the "resolving host" situation.

Just now said 


All 3 browsers (Chrome, New Edge, Firefox) are not experiencing any "Resolving Host" delays. I did a clean re-boot after beta updates.


This machine runs Windows 10 64- bit   Version 1903    ( 18362.959 )

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imho,  and from one other customer case I guided, this latest Beta seems to take care of "Resolving host"  on other Windows 10, such as Version 1903.   ( That is the one I referred to in a note above).

Running the Beta on my Windows 10 Version 2004.  It is doing quite normal.  I had it in sleep mode overnight.  Did fine in wake-up from sleep mode this morning.  Browsers doing normal.  Currently also running a manual threat scan, while browsing;  plus one  browser is streaming online video.

Matter of fact, have 6 browsers opened to different pages.  Edge, Firefox, IceDragon, Palemoon. Chrome, Brave.

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My report from rural Cape Breton.  My Dell XPS 8930 SE on Windows 10 Pro x64, Version 2004, was updated yesterday to the newest beta.  I am happy to report that I am able to engage Ransomware Protection, I was able to turn off delayed start of MBAM (it is no longer interfering with the Bitdefender 2020 Total Security launch, as it was), and my computer seems responsive and I am not aware of any stability or other issues.

The fix was a long time coming, but it is most welcome.   My kudos to the developers/programmers, who I am sure have spent many hours toiling to find a solution.  It appears that they have been totally successful.

Thank you and have a great day.


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I can confirm that my observed 6-7% CPU usage when idle by MB is now showing next to nothing at idle.  I've had no slow downs in copying large volumes to / from OneDrive, no issues with web browsers stuttering in any manner, and no issues in a bit of gaming I did last night, NFS:Payback as well as Watch Dogs 2.

Again, as mentioned, though, other than that idle CPU usage, I never really saw any of these to begin with.  Or, if I did, it was so brief / so temporary that I never attributed it to MB to begin with.

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Hello all,

after updating mbam to  comp v1.0.990

i still get performance issues when copying files from my NAS. Computer responsiveness is sluggish and the transfer speed is cut in half from the nas.

i started troubleshooting by closing MBAM and the perf went back up to normal.

Since performance problems was the hot topic of the week here at the forum, i launched MBAM and disabled the Ransomware feature. Not it.
TBH i don't remember having perf problems before the update (could be a fluke but in a good way lol).

Though now come to think of it, the windows login screen is staying longer on screen i've noticed. hmm... But i digress.

Then turned off the other 3 real time features one at a time and testing transfer speeds each time,
only to find that the WEB protection is the culprit affecting the transfers.

I re-enabled the 3 other RT features one at a time and tested file transfer performance remained high.

Re-enabled WEB protection and performance tanked.

To be clear, so far this seems to only happen when copying files from my NAS and WEB protection enabled. And maybe my login screen.


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i investigated further, and went ahead and downloaded the mwb support tool. Proceeded to get logs and removed MBAM to reinstall it later.

But after i reinstalled mbam, the problem seems gone.

So maybe it was a fluke combined with the Win10 update to 2004 messed something up that showed up after the beta update of mbam and by reinstalling it fixed it ?

Either way i'm glad things are running smoothly again.

Sorry for the confusion all.


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