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False Positive our webstie blocked

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Our wesbite, 


is getting blocked by Browser guard in Firefox. Browser Guard in Chrome seems allow access. There's no information on what is causing the block. The only message we get is 


Sorry, we can't evaluate this type of page.

Virus total link https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/11c991d3b67aa574a663bad8fe6a1f1ab95bab277f9b0071f8840d370e0a7eb9/detection

Please let me know if you need more information.error.thumb.png.7da300bc107b4faae2929c14ffa6d94a.png

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I just went to the website using both Chrome and Firefox browsers, and did not see any blocks.  At the same time, I updated Firefox form 78.0.1 to 78.0.2, so I accidentally tested the website with both versions.  Please check your Firefox version and dump your cache, just to make sure.

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That is very strange, I'm not seeing it blocked now. Thanks for checking @gonzo. I wonder if it was a cache issue, although I didn't reset. I'll relay this to the team and reach out if it's still an issue.


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