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issue according to the two I want to continue and do not block this site


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as asked by @gatortail to I have to open up a new topic for an Malwarebytes Browser Guard problems .

Firefox user here not a Google chrome . anyway the Issue that I still seeing it is the both options of " I want to continue to the site and do not block this site" none of them works even though I click so many time on both options .

well . Malwarebytes Browser Guard most of time not allowed to users to bypassing to the downloads from the developers websites to garbing the wanted software and thus even if you’ve already put a check mark on the "do not block this site" or even to click on "I want to continue to the site"  to the allow list ’ but that is still not work here

this issue is not specified for all downloads for some but it is for a lot of them around the developers website/official downloads links

step to reproduce the issue :

  1. look for any well-known and official developer website 
  2. download any of their software and see if Malwarebytes BG is blocking any of their downloads . if there any blocks by MBG then go to next step
  3. if there anything is blocked by MBG then all you need is to downloading one of their exe and if you able to get the file to your download folder then you’re a lucky , if you weren’t able to get the file then MBG will continued to blocking it and you will not be able to grab the file even if you already put a check mark :) because a new tabs in the web-browser will be opened as a continuation warnings by Malwarebytes browser Gurad


hope this will be of any help :.

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