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Settings Inteface tabs slow

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When I go the the settings interface in MB. Select which tab I want to go to, gives a delay of 5-8 seconds on every tab.

I think I had this in the older cu update too. But didn't care much. But it feels like it load the tabs forever.

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Is this consistent in every Windows session?
Do you see the same behaviour in Safe Mode or with a clean boot (excluding Malwarebytes Service)?

We haven't had any other reports of this and it's not reproducible, so we'll need additional information to track down the root cause.

Could you start by gathering logs with the Malwarebytes Support Tool please?

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I found the problem. I uninstalled Spybot Anti-Beacon. Which didn't remove MB telemetry from the hosts file.


Here below is how I found out that this is an issue to MB.

Without not so much knowledge. (I used MB log generator)

Inside MBAMSERVICE.LOG I found this line  repeated multiple times in MB:

07/07/20    " 20:02:35.827"    19908515    0e50    13c8    WARNING    HttpConnection    mb::common::net::HttpConnection::LogExceptionDetails    "httpconnection.cpp"    1761    "Exception details: text=Host not found: telemetry.malwarebytes.com"

Then I was thinking why would this give an error. So I thought it must be the HOST file. Looked inside it and there was the telematry for MB.

I cleaned the whole host file from leftovers from Spybot Anti-Beacon. Saved, restarted computer. Running MB, and now is everything like it should be.


But I'm kinda curious why would MB send telemetry of everything I do. Why do I need to have "telemetry.malwarebytes.com" unblocked. I haven't checked for sending telemetry about everything I do in MB. But still it want to send exactly everything.


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