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avz download being blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard


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that is fine when you have downloading this tool from the KASPERSKY website . no any block when you grab it from Kspersky

but however .....

when you have to go to author/developer website to grab the avz utility from there then you’ll probably to seeing the block

the author/developer website is this


website : http://z-oleg.com

you will only see a download links for version 4 as exe and zip but the download link for version 5 of the avz is probably hidden from public .

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Just FYI, it is my understanding that AVZ was replaced by Kaspersky's own portable scanner, AVPTool and that AVZ hasn't been updated in several years.  I don't even think it was in development at all since Windows Vista or even XP.

If anyone knows better please feel free to correct me.

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not 100% sure but I think both AVZ utility and Kaspersky AVP tool both are A separate tool  , still !


however the developer of the avz tool he is also do working with Kaspersky lab staff . and his tool haven’t been updated for a while

also the avz tool has been integrated into Kaspersky’s products from so many years now . so the downloads form his website is still available .

most likely the last update was in 2019 when the avz utility version 5 is come out for download and therefore I see either no way for any hint for database update for 2020/nor software version for 2020

more information within the screenshot , :)




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I need a specific URL that is to be whitelisted.  Once provided, I will test it and whitelist it if appropriate.

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Thank you.  I whitelisted the site now that I know a consistent pattern and was able to test these files.  Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

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