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programchecker.com not working


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Hi MBAM community. B) I last used programchecker.com around six weeks ago, and sometime between then and about 1-2 weeks ago the website appears to be inaccessible. I've tried numerous times on different browsers and PCs (clearing the cache in between) and it won't load. I'm now wondering if it is "no longer" as opposed to a broken webpage. Anyone know anything about this?

I know there are other process checker sites, but I'm not sure which ones in the search results are OK to visit and use. Does anyone have any tried and tested suggestions?

Thanks. B)

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Is it a site where you search a process name and it tells you what the process is?

Yes that is exactly what it is (or was), and along with explaining what each process is and who the publisher is, it went into a lot of depth explaining where you should find it in each OS, and it included the file size & MD5 checksum too. It was a wicked site!

WOW! Thank-you for going to so much trouble! I was nervous to just click on any old sites in google in case they were malicious. I appreciate the help exile, thanks. B)

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@ Exile360

I didn't see the edit to your post when I posted my reply (about what a CLSID is). Thanks for going to so much trouble to find an explanation that's a little easier for a non-tech person to get to grips with. I've just checked that out, and have a better understanding now. (Though I will still be sticking to my day job! :D)

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