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League Client (SEA) as Malware.Generic

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Hello! I am unsure if this is similar to the case reported previously as I'm unable to view the attachments (hence the creation of a new thread).

MalwareBytes seems to be picking up LeagueClient.exe as a generic malware. I've checked for updates and none were available.

Attached is the file in question along with the detection log. Do let me know if you require any other details!


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Thank you for the quick reply!

Apologies, it seems like another file has been identified as "Malware.Generic", after attempting to launch the game again. I've since scanned the entire game folder to avoid making multiple reports and both "League of Legends.exe" and "LeagueClientUX.exe" have been flagged as Malware.Generic. The files and the scan log are as attached.

Malwarebytes Scans.zip

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