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Malwarebytes rebooted my PC after I explictly clicked not to

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After downloading CU 1.0.967, app version, malwarebytes began giving me the "reboot now" popup. I clicked "later" and went about my work.
An hour later, my PC rebooted anyway, causing me to lose several house of work. If there was a second popup, it was hidden behind a fullscreen app and I never clicked the "restart" button regardless, so it should not do this. never, ever, ever reboot a users computer without their consent. It's bad enough Microsoft does this.

To make matters worse, the reboot hung at the "restarting" screen and I had to pull the plug to shut it off.

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It may have been; I know I've seen this in the past with some builds, though I don't believe the most recent CU typically required a restart.  It's quite possible that one or more files replaced by the CU were locked, preventing them from being replaced without a system restart.

It is also possible that the Malwarebytes update/notification somewhat coincided with a pending Windows Update, assuming automatic updates are active.  MS doesn't give the option of putting off a reboot indefinitely any more the way they did in past Windows versions.

Either way, I'll be submitting your feedback to the Product team in case they aren't providing a means of opting out of a system restart.

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4 hours ago, Porthos said:

The warning I had was just Malwarebytes needed to restart not the computer.

I also got the same warning that Malwarebytes would restart in 30 seconds and I just let it count down and then the component update took place after about a minute. I will add though in some previous beta updates that the update installed and I was asked to reboot. I agree with exile360 that there may have been a file that was locked that forced the rebooting the OS. However this time there was no reboot on my OS Windows Pro 1904. 

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Thank you for the additional detail provided on the issue. Based on the logs provided, I can confirm the reboot was triggered by Malwarebytes.
Clicking "Later" to the notification should not result in the machine being rebooted. We have a defect filed and will be investigating this further.

For reference, this is the notification being referred to:

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