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I have had some reports that my site csdb.dk is blocked by you.

Can you re-check, and let me know what the problem is, if you are blocking it, so I can fix it? :)

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I don't have a screen shot, as I havn't seen the error myself. Don't use Malwarebytes. :)
But I have had reports from my users about problems, so I was encouraged to report it, and try to find out what the problem is.

I think it was some kind of malware issue?

If my site is no longer blocked, it's all fine by me.

But I can see Porthos was mentioning something?


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1 hour ago, gatortail said:

@Perff I'm not experiencing a block.  Could you please share a screen shot of the block page you're encountering?

I got the block just now in Chrome and Chromium Edge.

Then let the browser sit open for a couple minutes and It must have updated the database and now NO BLOCK.



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Correct me if I'm wrong:

An earlier version of the Browser Guard db blocked my site csdb.dk, but the current version dosn't?

So what is the reason for this? If that is possible to answer?

Just want to make sure I don't get blocked again.


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  • Staff

A reputation block is served for sites that are not highly traffic'd and therefore not necessarily vetted as safe.  We are working on improving the language to make this more clear.  

I've requested for your site to be whitelisted to prevent a future recurrence. 

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A little addition.

I got this screen shot from a user:


I think it was from late April this year. 

Not much info, but is it possible to check if my site is/was marked with Trojan, and especially what file(s) caused it?

Thanks again

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  • Staff

I did not see an issue with website accessibility, but I was requested to add a whitelist entry to be safe.  I just did so.  Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

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  • Staff

I would not have been able to access the website if that Trojan alert were still in effect, so that has been cleared sometime in the past. 

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