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IOS, Website Blocking, Trojan

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What is wrong with this online store https://www.igcomics.mx/ ?

I can open it from my mobile (Facebook) but from my computer MBAM blocks due a trojan 😱

I am worried about my mobile (Iphone IOS 13.5.1 ), my computer always run sandboxed, Shadow Mode and protected with MBAM so I think it is ok.. But what about my Smartphone can it have a Trojan because I opened the website from FB?



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I'm a bit confused by all this. Are you using a Windows computer and originally posted this to the Windows forum, which would explain why the bot responded to this. You seem to be asking two questions here, the first appears to be the most important to know why MBAM is blocking the online store you are trying to access. That being the case if your question has now been moved to the iOS forum, I think that was a mistake and it needs to be moved back to Windows. If that's the case let me know and I'll have it moved back.

But the Subject may be what caused our post to appear here and I will cover your second question to get that out of the way. iOS devices are much more secure than computers and almost never subject to malware infections as long as they are not jailbroken by their user. There have only been a very few attacks against them and Apple has been very quick to patched to prevent future harm. At this time there are no known threats to an iOS device that is running a fully up-to-date iOS version. 

Further,  I'm not aware of any Trojan or other type of malware that could infect your iPhone by simply visiting a web site. You would have to be able to download something in order for an infection to occur.

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This site is blocked by the web protection of Malwarebytes on Windows. If you think it is a False positive, it needs to be reported HERE.

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8 hours ago, Porthos said:

If you think it is a False positive, it needs to be reported HERE.

I think it was moved here due to the subject. @AdvancedSetup recommend it be moved to correct forum with perhaps different subject?

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The site was blocked for a Trojan a long time ago. I have requested that our Web Research Team review if the block is still valid or not.

I will move to that forum.

Thank you



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