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Why doesn't my computer recognize my Razer mouse?

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I get the "device driver not installed" error message where nothing with my mouse works. I tried this with 2 different Razer mice and neither of them worked. However they did work in my bios and a different PC entirely so its definitely a Windows problem.


However, my third and oldest Razer mouse still works and is able to get detected including another old mouse I use. Another issue I've noticed too is that if I plug in the mice that works into a different USB port then they stop working.

Does anyone have any idea on what could be the issue?

My specs - http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gCn8OWFhqsHgQyX2GfalD75

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It sounds like it might be an issue with the system's USB drivers.  I would suggest checking your system and/or motherboard manufacturer's website to see if there are any newer USB drivers available for your system/hardware.  You could also try removing the Razer software/drivers, rebooting and reinstalling them.

If none of that works it could be an issue with the hardware itself, such as failing ports or some kind of short causing issues with connecting to and detecting the mice properly.  Also make sure the ports and connections are clean, of course.  If you have some canned air you could give them a blast with that and it should help clear any dust/debrise out of them to see if that helps.

If none of that works, a repair installation of Windows would likely work, however you would probably have to reinstall at least some of your programs for them to work properly afterwards.  You might want to hold off on trying that until you've heard from anyone else who might have other options for you to try though.

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