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Windows 10 fails to start and unable to repair itself

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I had hoped that System Restore would have had more than one single restore point.   By the way, you do not need to click on "quote"  when starting a reply.

It is just you and I on this thread.

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Ok I have just selected Reply to this thread ... didn’t use the quote ?

Have followed all the instructions for my PC as stated and inserted the USB.

On boot up the only option is Windows 10, I assume it is not seeing the USB as bootable yet.

pressed F8 and selected f5 which is The safe mode with networking. The PC goes through the same loop again and ends up with Automatic Repair, Your PC said not start correctly.

am I missing something? Maybe the USB needs to be in a different slot ?



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For the time being,  keep the USB  out  ( removed)  and save it to a safe spot.

What I would hope for you to be able to do is to TAP  the F8 function key of the keyboard as soon as you see the monitor displaying this


Just please be ready to tap F8 when you see that.


Here is how to do a new try.

*Do unplug all devices from your computer, including: Printers, scanners, copiers,  fax machine, external attached devices, etc.* 

Includes removing the USB flash drive

*The only devices you should leave attached to your computer are your monitor, mouse and keyboard, if the computer is a desktop.* 
*And if this PC is a laptop or notebook be sure it is directly connected to Power with power cord.* 
Turn off the Power to your pc by pressing the power off button. IF this is a laptop, press and hold the Power off until you can sense the disc has stopped spinning.  

Wait about a minute.  

Then turn the Power On on the pc  and allow it to Restart .   Keep a sharp eye out for the black screen that lists "Windows 10"

As soon as you see that tap F8 Function key on keyboard

You should see Windows Advanced Options menu. in a list with a blue background with numbers to make a selection.
Select Safe mode with Networking     by tapping the appropriate number
NOTE: if the F8 function key-method did not prove usable, some systems may use F5 instead.  
And on some systems you may need to press the F2 function key to get hardware boot options. 


Once in Safe mode with Networking,  keep the pc there.  That would allow some research, some adjusting, etc

It would also allow for a internet connection.    This is not a permanent solution.   But a Fix type place.

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Have followed your guidance diligently including removing the usb.

black screen with W10 allows me time to key F8 and the options listed are attached below. 

tried safe mode with networking several times and other options and regardless the PC loops back to Preparing automatic repair/ diagnosing your PC and then the same blue screen telling me it has failed. 

I am stuck in the same loop.






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Hope all is well with you Maurice, I imagine we are facing a rebuild which I really want to avoid.

in the meantime I have progressed a little but please advise if you think it helps with the way forward.

i removed and reinserted the cmos battery from the motherboard and have now got a new start up screen. I did not have the USB or any other peripherals attached when I powered up. 

Do you think w3 can work with this screen ?



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As to this last screen , the one marked AMI ( American Megatrends ) ....that is the BIOS.

In there, there would be a option to specify the hardware BOOT up sequence preference  .....or we may call it, boot order.

If you need to boot from the USB with the Media Creation tool, then the USB needs to be the top choice set in the boot order.

Knowing where to go in the BIOS is something important.    Check with the support site for the maker of your computer.


Now to the preceding reply you made with the multiple screen shots.    I going to refer to them by number from top to bottom.

# 1   Startup Settings    ....  you want to tap the number 5  to pick "Safe mode with Networking"   and then have lots of patience and wait.

It should not jump into Automatic Repair .....but if it did   ....you would want to click "Advanced Options".


Screen # 3  "Choose an option"    ......click "Troubleshoot"


As to the last screen ( # 4  )   ....Startup Settings

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Thank you Maurice. It is the last sequence of images which illustrates the troubleshooting option that is simply just taking round and round in circles and irrespective of safe mode or other choices it just reverts to Automatic Repair and then back to the first screen. 

that has been my dilemma, how to exit this loop ???

as for the Bios screen would it allow me to boot from USB if inserted first and then would I be able to access advanced start up which is what we trying to achieve yesterday?.

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Just now, Davemeysner said:

u Maurice. It is the last sequence of images which illustrates the troubleshooting option that is simply just taking round and round in circles and irrespective of safe mode or other choices it just reverts to Automatic Repair and then back to the first screen. 

Apologies I didn’t mean to do that!


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Yes the BIOS will have a section to pick the boot order.   You need to find where.   As I said, check with your computer makers' support site  on how to navigate the BIOS menu.

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Good morning Maurice,

I trust you are keeping well.

I am not sure if you are able to follow through on my support journey but let me explain where I ended up and hopefully you can provide guidance on whether or not i need to reverse the command prompts i.e the 2nd & 3rd commands meant to insure there is an enhanced advanced boot options available.

So I created a USB W10 installation media as advised but also decided to install the W10 OS on a new Samsung SSD for contingency (i will come back to this backup solution later as I do have a working system and the Samsung SSD is nice and fast)

We stopped communicating when i encountered anomalies so i will run through these in case you have an insight which escapes me:
1    So for contingency/ backup I successfully installed W10 on the Samsung SSD (everything else was disconnected as advised) and then I re-connected my old hard drives using Data connections lower in the pecking order assuming they would be readable. I ensured the Boot config read from Samsung SSD priority 1 and W10 continued to boot off the Samsung SSD so I could copy across the files and info from my old hard drives.
2    The old hard drives were visible in the directory but it would not allow me to copy anything from the Admin user (my main user account) and therefore I couldn't read the majority of data files I needed. I concluded that it would be impossible without Dr Solomon type breakin tools which i didn't have, so I am stuck.
3    When I next attempted to Boot my system it switched/defaulted to the old hard drive (the one I had just reconnected to read the admin user data files). I had checked the boot order with F12 and it definitely said P1 was the Samsung SSD. Bizarrely the system decided to try and boot the old W10 which had all the original problems and it just kept looping saying unable to start the PC, attempting repairs, diagnosing faults, couldn't find anything but would not start. 
4   One option available under troubleshooting was the choice of resetting my PC; keeping all my personal data and files, just loosing all my apps by re-installing W10 (on the original faulty 😄 drive). So I gave it a go .... at least I thought I may have the opportunity to access and save all my Admin user files to the Cloud and then transfer them or just access them from my new Samsung SSD operating system as required. It did successfully re-install W10 on that original drive BUT it lost a significant number of files in my personal directories and download folders. So I was defeated after all and I am assuming the data may still be there but the file system has not indexed it when I followed reset procedure, so the data is not accessible to me.
So Step 3 is now a repeatable problem which I don't understand. If I just connect the Samsung SSD only it works perfectly but IF any other devices (including an external USB) are attached including any of my old hard drives it fails to read from the Samsung SSD (the priority in Boot Config is still P1 Samsung SDD) and tries to boot off the other hard drives ... either the old W10 or an external USB . I really don't get it. To make use of these old drives Perhaps I now need to reformat them and wipe the operating systems but why does it insist on trying to boot from these old HDD's when my boot config points to the Samsung SSD !!
My primary question relates to the changes made early in our dialogue, i.e the 2nd & 3rd commands meant to insure there is a enhanced advanced boot options available. DO I need to reverse these .., if so HOW ? Anyway I thought you might have some bright ideas please.
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I've located an article with a video that may be helpful.   Take some time to look at the video once or twice.

The article lists several ways to get into Safe mode, including a video at the top of the article.

This all assumes that the system-disc is normally hooked up in the original PC.

If needs be, please look at the article  and the video



If neither the video or the top of the article work out, look at his #2     2. Interrupt the normal boot process of Windows 10 three times in a row

Just take your time doing all this.   The main goal we have is to get into Safe Mode or else Safe Mode with Networking.

Have a lot of patience.  I know it is frustrating.  I regret your troubles.

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Glad we could help.

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Thank you



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