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FP - NZXT CAM OEM software blocked


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5 hours ago, Pierre75 said:

@exile360, it works in Firefox 77.0.1 64x. 😀

Download it for a first time sometime will not triggered the block (so you’ll not seeing the block)

re-downloading it for a second time will sometime to triggering the block for some downloads !

here a screenshot .

Firefox 77.0.1 on Windows 10 - 64-bit OS



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I'm using SRWare Iron (based on Chromium) which is why I reported it here rather than the Firefox MBG area.  That said, I suspect Gt-truth's and David H. Lipman's findings explain the differences.  If they're using some sort of ad/redirect for the download URL, that could be causing it to not actually attempt the download of the file (and thus not incur the block) on every click.  Of course, if you were able to successfully download the file without whitelisting the URL then that's a different story and could indicate a quirk/issue with MBG, and I believe we've seen some inconsistent blocking/database behavior in the past with MBG if I recall correctly, so that might also be the reason.

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Download failed on first try in Chrome.  I whitelisted it.  The ceremonial propagation delay will now commence. Good morning, Samuel!

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