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After hunting and searching Google support site & several searches in search-engines...
I finally spotted the section in Google Chrome windows browser's  settings
to "turn Off" the Chrome's "Preload pages for faster browsing and searching".
Google apparently has moved where this option used to be found at.

It is under the "Cookies and other site data"  of the privacy and security Section.
By the way, the quickest way to get to this option section is to just type this into the address bar of Chrome

[ the longer manual way ]
Click on
the menu button of the browser (upper right).

Next clisk the Settings choice

Next, on the left, click Privacy and security
Then click "Cookies and other site data"    ( 2nd line of choices listed on the right pane)
then scroll down





Other articles that may be useful.

" How to turn off Search Predictions in Browser "



" These smart tweaks make browsing in Chrome (almost) private "


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Thanks for the tip Maurice !!!   I found mine to be off when I last updated the Chrome browser software?  and, it left a blob for quick acess to my extensions?  (ver. 83.0.4103.106  64bit)   regards...


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Thanks for the tips, Maurice :)

I'm using SRWare Iron (based on Chromium), and thankfully they have that option turned off by default (along with a lot of other settings that impact privacy; pretty much the opposite of how Chrome comes configured out of the box).

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Hello @Maurice Naggar:

As evidenced by @yardbird's .jpg attachment, by virtue of uBlock Origin's current (v1.27.10) extension installation (highly recommended by many), that Chrome setting will already be disabled, unchangeable, and grayed out.

Thank you, Maurice.  Very good to know.

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Sweet, I wasn't aware of that.  I have uBlock Origin as well, though I'm pretty sure Iron had it disabled by default.  I do like that uBlock turns it off though (although perhaps allowing the user to change it if desired would be good unless it is disabled for some functional reason, such as breaking their ad blocking).

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      Lot of good reading Ron!!  thank you !!   Anyone know on Chrome what the "Clean up computer" does?   Or does MBAM already take care of that?   cheers

clean up.jpg

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