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System instability after Windows 10 2004

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18 hours ago, Porthos said:

We would like to know if disabling one of the 4 protections helps, Start with web protection and then if no help try ransomware protection.

As for the scans I only do manual scans when I feel like it. I have only done one all year so far.


I am faced with the same problem.
Win 10 / 2004 / Build 19041.329, MWB Premium.
After normal operation of the systems for minutes up to hours "it seems" the network connection fails, Firefox / Thunderbird / Edge / Task Manager don´t respond any more (while Teamviewer is still able to run....).
Disabling of ransomware protection seems to fix the problem.

BR., Dieter

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Hello Dieter,

Sorry to read of the troubles encountered.  I believe that I can guide you going forward,  to a good new installation.  To start with, I need a report from this machine.

Please run the Support tool report and attach the ZIP  file here for review.   It would help us to help you.  


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Please note that we have released a new beta today that we hope should address the issue with Windows 10 build 2004

If you're running Windows 10 build 2004 and were having an issue please try the new beta and let us know if this beta version corrects the issue or not.

Thank you


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