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fake product scam protection


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Here is a product called  WifiX which is advertised on YouTube, facebook, twitter etc...


If you look at the page and watch the video you will see how amazing the product claims are!

But if you know anything about technology, you will know that this is a complete lie and if that isn't proof enough just see this page:


My point is that - not all malware as such these days comes in the format of software but in tricks/scams that cost people as much, if not more money than regular viruses used to.

I think malwarebytes should allow people to report these in the research center or in-app and allow for blocking or warnings against these scams with URL blocking.

Just a suggestion...

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You may report anything, including items which are not malware but may be PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), scams and other types of malware and non-malware threats in the Research Center.  If it is a website to be blocked, submit it to the 'Newest IP or URL Threats' area and if it is an item which should be detected via a different component you may submit it to the appropriate area (i.e. the 'Newest Malware Threats' area for example).

A member of Research will analyze your submissions and will add detection/blocking for it in Malwarebytes if appropriate.  Please be sure to refer to the pinned topics in each area of the Research Center before submitting a report so that you are sure to provide all of the necessary info for Research to act on the potential threat(s).


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By the way, if you aren't doing so already, I would highly recommend running Malwarebytes Browser Guard in your web browser.  It is free and blocks many additional items on top of what the Web Protection in Malwarebytes blocks and works great in tandem with Malwarebytes Premium.  It also includes blocking for many ads, trackers and other non-malware threats to make browsing the web faster, safer and more private.

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