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Thanks for posting this! Sounds like the same here: after the Windows 2004 update, on s capable desktop machine, frequent instances of various programs freezing, utterly unresponsive, to the extent that even trying to kill them in Task Manager had no visible effect. A reboot always fixed it, but it could take several minutes for Windows to wholly exit before it started to reboot again.

When things freeze, it's like little else I've seen before:  the CPUs, and disk, stay mostly idle. It's "like" they're stuck waiting to acquire a lock that's never released.

Anyway, with no expectation it would actually help, I tried turning off MB's Ransomware Protection. Voila!  That was about 6 hours ago, and everything has been running perfectly since.

Telling: there was only one thing I found that could deliberately provoke problems: put the computer in Sleep mode, and wake it up a few minutes later.  Freeze City then, every time.  But that appears harmless now too.

Then again, _could_ all be just coincidence.

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Good morning.

I have split off your posts so that you have your own Topic. 

Given some of what you mentioned, this pc would benefit from a clean (fresh ) reinstall.   Plus after, I have a few adjustments for you.  These are worthwhile  and will not take a great amount of time. 


The first thing this pc needs is a reboot so that it completes some Windows "pending tasks". 

Do a Windows Restart. 


[     2   ] 


Let's perform a clean  re-installation of the latest Malwarebytes for Windows version using the Malwarebytes Support Tool. This is designed to automate the  clean uninstallation , along with installation and activation of Malwarebytes for Windows Premium (if applicable).  
Malwarebytes Support Tool (MBST) clean Reinstall  

  • Open your Downloads folder.  

   Right-click   mb-support-     image.png.42fd2f73b8c4ab47c2609ba065e4e37a.png      & select Run as administrator    to start the tool   & reply YES to allow to go forward.  


  • When prompted by Windows, reply YES to allow the tool to go forward.  

  • You will be presented with a page stating, "Welcome to the Malwarebytes Support Tool!".  

  • Click the Advanced Options link. This is important. Please ensure Advanced Options is clicked.  

  • Click the Clean   button followed by Yes to proceed.  

  • Upon completion, click OK to reboot your computer.  

  • After the reboot, please wait for the program to reopen.  


Please have lots & lots of patience for the system to resume  & then re-display the second phase of the run.   It may take a few minutes to show. 


  • You will be presented with the option to install Malwarebytes for Windows. Click Yes.  

  • Installation of Malwarebytes for Windows will commence shortly after.   Have patience. 

  • Upon completion, Malwarebytes for Windows will automatically open.  

  • Note: If installation of Malwarebytes for Windows does not commence, please let me know.  On some systems, the 2nd phase of the tool takes longer to show on-screen. 


If you encounter any issues during the running of the tool, please  Stop  & let me know. 


If the system has continuous freezes or stalls you may set the Ransomware protection to Off. 


[  3   ] 

There are a few adjustments I suggest that you make on Malwarebytes. 

Start Malwarebytes. Click Settings ( gear ) icon. Next, lets make real sure that Malwarebytes does NOT register with Windows Security Center  

Click the Security Tab. Scroll down to  

"Windows Security Center" 

Click the selection to the left  for the line "Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center". 

The Real-time protections of Malwarebytes will still be active. 




[   4   ] 

Click the General tab    ( in the Settings section) 

Scroll down to “Manual scan performance impact” 

Click on the 2nd radio-button that says “Manual scan takes less priority” 



[   5    ] 

Go back to the Malwarebytes home screen. Then click on the center pane marked Scanner.    Then click on Scan Scheduler. 

Look at the line Threat Scan.   Double click it to review it's settings.   Look at the time setting. 

Change the start time for scan from 2 AM   to a much later time in the day or afternoon. 

So you want to click the Edit symbol on that line to do that. ( hover mouse on the line & click Edit icon) 

Then other adjustments.   Click the blue Advanced line. 

Clear  ( un-tick ) the line for “Scan for rootkits”   if it is on. 

Clear  ( un-tick ) the line for “Scan within archives”   if it is on. 

Click Save button when done. 


Have patience on all this.   Let me know how this goes. 

If needed, later, we can look at other things like the Chrome or other browsers on this pc. 

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The clean reinstall worked without problem. Things seemed fine then for a couple hours, and then various programs starting freezing again. Even a `cmd.exe` window running a robocopy to an external USB drive.

One new thing I learned: I didn't need to reboot to get unstuck. I just needed to open MB and turn Ransomware Protection off again. Bingo! Everything (primarily the cmd.exe window, Chrome, Firefox, an editor, and a calendar/task program) resumed running fine at once then.

I didn't try the other tweaks you suggested because they appear to be random thrashing 🤪 I haven't had any problems with MB scans, and don't do any scheduled scans anyway (I delete the one MB comes with) - I run a scan "by hand" pretty much every day, but at a time when I know the computer will be free for a while. That can't be put on a schedule.

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Thanks for the status news.   You may continue with the ransomware protection Off.   At least for the time being.

I would still do my bullet points 3  &  4.


You could consider getting the Beta version   of Malwarebytes for Windows.   That is the version I am running on my rig.

Malwarebytes  for Windows Beta version  with Component update 1.0.946  was announced & made available Thursday June 4.






To get the latest Beta do this.

In Malwarebytes,  click Settings icon & then on the General tab

Look for the section "Beta updates"   and on that line, click it all the way to the right.




Next click on "Check for Updates".    Have patience.   Watch and follow the prompts.

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6 minutes ago, anachromat said:

I didn't try the other tweaks you suggested because they appear to be random thrashing


Anti-Virus Product :     Windows Defender
    Up To Date:    Yes    Enabled:    Off

I would suggest using the setting for disabling Malwarebytes in Windows security center.  Defender is a good companion to Malwarebytes and increasing your overall protection.

There are some file types that Malwarebytes does not detect unless executed. Defender will catch those just by downloading or opening a folder with them.


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OK - I disabled registering MB with Windows Security Center, and am running the MB beta version. Too soon to guess whether that's better/worse/neutral in respect of the widespread program freezes.

The advice to reduce manual scan priority just doesn't make sense to me, though. I only run manual scans, and only when I know I won't be using the machine again before one finishes. Getting the scan done ASAP is my #1 priority then.

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4 minutes ago, anachromat said:

The advice to reduce manual scan priority just doesn't make sense to me, though. I only run manual scans, and only when I know I won't be using the machine again before one finishes. Getting the scan done ASAP is my #1 priority then.

That setting is unknown/misunderstood by many. We are always answering complaints that vary from scans take too long or can't use the computer during scanning. 

I too have always believed during a manual scan (with any security product) you should not have any programs or browsers open during the scan. Also a custom "full" scan is also not ever really needed. But we still hear why is my CPU running at 99% when I scan. Answer is it is supposed to.


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Hi @anachromat   

You noted above 


 am running the MB beta version

That is good to know.   And if I may say, good for you going forward from here.    Bravo to you.

I expect this Beta   / with Component Package 1.0.946   to be the next release ...sometime soon.

Just so you know, I have been running this  June 4.


Let us know if you need anything else.

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So far so good! Haven't seen a freeze since installing the beta MB (with all protection layers enabled). But there's a long day to go before I'll declare victory.

@Porthos, no, I don't expect scans to go fast 🙂 Whether it's running a scan or defragmenting a drive or ... any resource-intensive task goes faster and better if it's allowed (as much as possible) exclusive access to the resource(s) it's taxing.

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Still no freezes today, so the surest way in the universe to provoke one is to send a message saying "no freezes!" before the day ends 😄

For the record, this is using the current beta version of MB, component package version 1.0.955. All protection layers have been enabled since last night. This even survived two 1-hour sleeps (which always provoked freezes before).

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Awesome.  Thank you for the status update.

I also am on the Beta   with the Component package 1.0.955   & all 4 real-time protections ON.

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I am pleased to know your issues are no more.    I am marking this as resolved.  Should something crop up that you,  anachromat, need help send me a message.

Watch the very top of this forum for future announcement of a release version.   When that happens, you can if you wish, un-tick the setting for beta updates,

For any others with similar issues,  Please get the current / latest beta.   see above.

If you still need help, then please create your own New Topic on this forum.

My best to you anachromat.      😊

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Just as a note, the Component Package 1.0.955  is now the current one, as of June 16.  The current release.

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