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Problem with the installer commencing with version - 1.1.330


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If an installation is attempted when MBARW is already auto-updating, a message box will pop up informing the user that a sytem restart is necessary.  The trouble is that the user is not allowed to prevent that restart, only delay it for a short time. If another possibly critical operation is proceeding at the same time, then that is the user's bad luck.

The moral of this tale appears to be not to manually update MBARW including and after version - 1.1.330.

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I guess that the apparent lack of an option to wait until the next system start will be in the code.  I was simply unable to cancel the restart.  MBAE can also require a restart in a similar way but it has not caused a similar difficulty to MBARW, as far as I am aware.  I am now on my guard.

The incident happened while I was running Windows 10 2004 installer to update from version 1909 (OUCH!) so I was extremely stupid to try to update MBARW at that time.  The devil makes work for idle mouse clicking fingers.

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21 minutes ago, tetonbob said:

Just wanted to add that, as this latest release is a Component Update package, there was really no need to run the installer again. The machine will pick up the CU automatically. Typically within 15 minutes of the time the service starts.

Are CUs not metered out gradually/randomly as full builds/packages are?

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On 6/12/2020 at 1:36 PM, exile360 said:

Yikes, yeah, it's definitely best not to have any installers going during a major OS update like that, but I'm bad about restless fingers as well (one reason I NEED a multi-core CPU and lots of RAM :P).

Did the OS update end up installing OK and is MBARW up and running properly now?

I looked on in helpless horror :blink: as the system restarted.  There was no way to stop it in the short time available to act.  Fortunately I always backup the system BEFORE installing a feature update.

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