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That's not a bug, it's a feature!

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All too often we hear about the latest game breaking bug requiring a patch in video games (especially lately with many publishers forcing developers to rush their games out in an incomplete state, relying on patching and/or DLC to fill in the gaps and fix issues) or the latest exploit/vulnerability in your OS, browser or even the hardware itself that your system/device runs on which could allow your data to be compromised by criminals (a circumstance Intel is quite familiar with these days), but not all bugs are bad.  Sometimes a bug can open up new possibilities, lead to new strategies for speedrunners and the like, or it can even be useful for developers writing code for a system.

Here are two interesting examples of 'bugs = good' which may provide a new perspective on what a bug is and what it can be used for.

First, a video about a game that was developed specifically to exceed the capabilities of the hardware it was designed to run on by using exploits/bugs to 'hack' around the limitations of the system.  That system was the original Playstation (or PS1 or PSX, depending on who you ask) and the game was an obscure little title called 'Crash Bandicoot':

Next, a game that was developed entirely with bugs in mind.  In fact, the only way to progress in the game is to find one or more 'bugs' and exploit them to achieve victory.  The game is called Grey Box Testing with the concept being that you essentially have to QA the game and find the bugs which will enable you to cheat/hack/glitch your way to victory:

Have you ever found a bug that ended up becoming a useful feature?  A glitch in a game that you exploited to achieve victory (or accidentally fall through the level's geometry to your death :P)?

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