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MediaMonkey and COM elevator


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Hello all:  user @Porthos suggested I post this here.  It's a potential false positive.

The program MediaMonkey is still an actively updated app, but (I speculate that) its codebase is old enough that it needs to Run as Administrator in Vista & later versions of Windows, so as the Windows shortcut launches the program, it also launches (and prompts the user to elevate) an executable called COM Elevator (presumably allowing various COM calls to properly integrate the app within Windows).

I've been running it for years, always on the latest version, and had MBAM on my machine for a while.  It recently flagged MediaMonkey and some registry keys that I believe are related to MediaMonkey as Malware Threats.

At this time I've taken no action, so these aren't quarantined.

I'm also concurrently troubleshooting an unrelated general performance problem and for that reason I have Malware and Ransomware detections disabled (thread here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/258637-slow-operations/ )

Attached is a report from the last scan, a results set from the support tool, and multiple MediaMonkey files that are likely related.  For example, the COM elevator, a service executable, what I suspect is a rights elevation executable, and the "non-skinned" exe refers to the ability for the user to choose to use the Windows theme or override it and use a MediaMonkey theme/look.

Hope this information is helpful to you. I only use MediaMonkey to be able to meta-tag and thumbnail my podcast episode uploads, so I'm willing to just ditch the program altogether if there's something else that can do this...but since I'm not the only one using it, I'm also willing to help solve the problem if that would be useful to MalwareBytes.


mbam-report-2020-0604.txt mbst-grab-results_2020_0608.zip MediaMonkey-files-zipped.zip

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