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Delayed redirects while accessing articles on theguardian.com

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Hi there,

Today, I noticed that when I viewed most articles on www.theguardian.com, a well-known and reputable website, I found I was being redirected to a scam-like customer satisfaction survey by my ISP after 10 to 30 seconds of reading the page.

I am using Android 10, browser is Chrome and running the latest version, and have installed the premium trial of malwarebytes after some odd access attempts were made on a social media account I have. I carried out a deep scan of my phone with the latest definitions from MBAM, but nothing is found when these redirects happen.

I cleared all browsing saved data and cache in Chrome and it's still happening.

Any advice?

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Hello, I have exactly the same issue but under Safari 13.1.1 / OS 10.15.5

Tried to solve it using preferences / sites , and then content blockers and pop-ups, but it doesn't work. The parasite each time changes what is displayed in the address bar of the browser; varies each time as if it was a different site.

I have downloaded Malwarebytes free version, and would be prepared to subscribe but I doubt this would solve this problem, especially automatically ?

Would be grateful if anyone could provide a step-by-step about this. Thanks

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@mbam_mtbr Hi,

I would have thought OS 10 would only run on Macs.

The problem appeared to have started while visiting theguardian, but went on other sites and followed when switching from Safari to Firefox. At one point I interacted to see what was going to happen, clicking on various questions but not of course on claiming my supposed gift, and was not asked for any data.

According to someone on Apple community forum, it"s malware.

The problem suddenly stopped and did not return. 

By that time I had informed theguardian (received no reply) and clicked on malwarebytes' " launch analysis ", a move which apparently didn't trigger any message or report.


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