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Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos

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On 6/6/2020 at 6:27 PM, exile360 said:

It likely has to do with either the region where the VPN's server is located

VPN location always in the same country and also in Dallas TX and I am in San Antonio TX. Still an issue.


VPN off






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I did a bit of research and located this article from Computerworld indicating that Netflix does indeed seek to block all VPNs and I also saw countless articles referring to the fact that Netflix blocks VPNs (often citing the issue I mentioned with possibly subverting their ability to display specific content to customers in their specific region).  Since they are probably using the server's IP address to determine that it belongs to a VPN, they are likely changing what's displayed as a result via a filter/block list which they compile, likely through telemetry.  It would be very easy for a site like Netflix to detect that numerous different accounts belonging to customers in different cities, states and even countries have connected using the same IP (one of the IP's belonging to the VPN provider, in this case, Malwarebytes) and so they likely then add that IP to their filter/block list.  Unless a VPN provider can somehow show sites their customers visit different/somewhat unique IP addresses there is likely no way to avoid services like Netflix from creating and using such block lists.  The entire process from detection to block list generation and implementation could all likely be automated, and it probably is considering how much money Netflix has to throw around and how long they've been dealing with VPNs and similar tools used to thwart their region blocking and differences in content served to each region.

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That is why I could not justify using a VPN on a 24/7 always on basis. I would have to always disconnect before using these services. An issue for me with dual monitors and for example one is streaming Netflix as I post this. My second monitor acts like having a TV on in the background wile working.

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No, this is a known issue for ALL VPN software. Companies are protecting their intellectual property by monitoring means to bypass their system.

For short periods of time, one VPN or another will be able to bypass detection but sooner or later the larger multimedia companies figure it out and block it.


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