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MalwareBytes blocks ALL GoDaddy forwarded domains (and other registrars)

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MalwareBytes (MWB) has chosen to block ALL GoDaddy sites that use forwarding or frameset forwarding. It appears from their comments that they are also blocking other registrars' forwarding.

While MWB is great for blocking malicious IP Addresses in such a way as to allow site that display banner ads to still work (like 411.com) when a banner ad is from a known malicious IP, their decision to block all GoDaddy domains that are forwarded makes their software unuseable for us.

According to MalwareBytes, this decision is final.

to quote MalWareBytes:

"I do understand the frustration, and can assure you, the decision to block this IP was not taken lightly. However, whilst the IP itself may not be the actual "host" of the target content (in most cases, we do also block the target aswell), it is a middle man, and as such, is subject to the same standards we hold every other hosting company to. If they want to allow the malicious behaviour to go through their network, then we'll simply block it."

To paraphrase me:

"If you can block only the offending ads/content on other domains/sites, why have you chosen to block all of GoDaddy?"

From MalwareBytes:

"The difference is, when a malicious Ad gets reported to the search engines, they generally remove it, these sites have been reported to the hosting companies many times and they don't respond."

I presume they are inlcluding 411.com and other sites with banner ads in 'search engines'.

SO, It seems that MalwareBytes position is that any registrar that has --- .000001% --- domain names (MalwareBytes quoted `200 as the number for ALL of GoDaddy) they will block the entire registrar.

Unless I am missing something, this makes MalwareBytes IP Protection severly BAD.

Does anyone have another product that can accomplish blocking the bad banner ads without killing entire registrars sites?????

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