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Tutorial: Clean installing Malwarebytes beta


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Since switching to web installer sometime during MBAM 3.8.x cycle, Malwarebytes reps stopped posting beta installers for clean installation. Some power users weren't happy, but the question about why remained. The surprising answer is that, they don't have to do it anymore. The web installer has a "secret" command line option that instructs it to download beta program and components instead of stable:

MBSetup.exe /channel beta

Malwarebytes software runs web installer with this "secret" command line argument when performing a beta full software update, like the recent I found this via UAC prompt after engaging the update and then I saved the juicy command line argument with Process Explorer while installer was waiting for my input.

Beside this detail, the beta clean install procedure overall is straightforward:

- if a beta full software update is involved backup MBSetup.exe from %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\InstUpdate or else download latest web installer from Malwarebytes;

- if applicable, uninstall Malwarebytes, either normally, via Support tool or both;

- Run web installer obtained at first step with command line argument from code box above;

After installation is done, if you want to keep receiving beta updates, you have to re-enroll, otherwise you won't get full software and component updates until stable branch catches up and exceeds your beta by at least a component update or full software update.

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