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I've installed v1.3.0.261

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Running fine with the previous version. I just updated to latest and the VPN no longer connects and I get a dialog that tells me to check the internet connection. I have rebooted etc with no luck. Obviously, I do have internet connectivity.


I have the logs but would rather not post them to the forum.


any help is appreciated...

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Hello @RickFi , Welcome and please try this and see if it clears up your issue.

First Open Malwarebytes Privacy and check that reroute connection is set to the on position. Once you have it cut on select the city you want from switch server location or just leave the default one you had setup. Then go to the Gear in for settings and make sure Auto launch and auto connect are selected and reboot and see if that clears up your issue please. You can also go to advanced setting and choose dark theme if you like dark theme and make sure Trust local devices is selected.

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Hard head, thanks for the help. I tried everything you suggested with the same issue.

To be clear, I was up and running without issue until the update. I was able to switch VPN servers, turn on/off the VPN without issue. After the update, when I try to enable the VPN a dialog comes up indicating I don't have internet.

I did poke around a bit and noticed the VPN service is running fine but the manual tunnel service will not start if I try to. I am not sure if this is relevant, but something I noticed.

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@RickFi , That's great the issue is resolved. Feel free and post if you have anymore issues and don't forget about the new update button that has been added for future updates.



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