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Windows 10 2004 & Random freezing of tPC or when starting up the MB

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I apologize for posting here, but as I have the same problem as this user.
I want to say that a lot of people tried to help in this forum ... this is not in question, but in fact after so long I decided to open a ticket and attach a log file explaining this same problem to the tecnic staff.
Yesterday I got the answer and this was a generic answer ... like downloading the Malwarebytes tool ... blah .... blah blah .... restart the pc ... clean installation etc etc ,,, something I've done dozens of times.
However, there is no assumption that the problem exists and that they are still looking for a solution ... none of that.
People afected is not a majority but there are nevertheless many with the same problem.
It would be nice to read some Malwarebytes publication on this subject.
This has not yet happened.


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I have seen several posts from staff members indicating that this issue is actively being investigated and worked on by the Developers and that they hope to have a fix released soon.  I also know that whenever there is an issue like this that affects a group of users, a member of the staff always responds to each thread where the issue was reported/discussed to notify the users that the issue has been resolved and that the new version with the fix is now available, and I expect it to be the same with this issue.

In the meantime, any logs and details provided are appreciated and Malwarebytes are grateful for the assistance their customers have provided in trying to track down and resolve this issue.  Members of staff and helpers here on the forums will request logs and information and will attempt to troubleshoot issues and eliminate variables in order to correct an issue where possible (several cases that appeared to be this same issue ended up being resolved through various means including Windows Updates, clean installing Malwarebytes, removing or updating a third party AV or driver etc.), and for those that the issues still remain, they will seek to gather information for the Developers and QA teams so that they may try to replicate, determine the cause of, and fix the issues which persist so that they may resolve it as quickly as possible.

I report issues to the Product team directly every week, and that includes information about this and other issues and they are well aware of the issue and are working to fix it.

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Because Windows systems  (  with different applications active / different hardware drivers , etc)  there are in fact a set of machines that have on-going issues.

Each one needs to be diagnosed individually, starting with diagnostic reports, like the support tool.

There is not some magical quick one-button / quick fix.   Not all situations are the same.   and the only ones you read about are the ones with issues.   You do not read of the many thousands who are fine.

Lastly,  making posts in several different threads does not help.

Again,  each one needs to be amenable and open to advice.

It is all regrettable that you guys have encountered problems.

Last lastly, if you have opened a Support ticket, and have a on-going help with a support tech, it is best to stick with Support.

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You wrong Maurice.

As i remember i have my own thread (a long one) and as i remenber i just made a post in one other tread to advice the user to disable the Ramssonware protection and wait for a fix.

The other one was here....because its been lots a time since the issue persist and this user have the same problem.

I allways try to be polite here in the forum and i start my post in this tread with:

"I apologize for posting here".

I sincerely waive the advice to keep me in attendance for suport like you suggested:

"Last lastly, if you have opened a Support ticket, and have a on-going help with a support tech, it is best to stick with Support."


This is my last post in this forum.

Stay safe.



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In fact you had two  ( 2 ) separate threads.   Piggy-back  posting on to  another customer's post is tending to be like a troll.

It does not help the original poster.  It does not help you.

if you have opened a Support ticket, and have a on-going help with a support tech, it is best to stick with Support.


@CaptainLeonidas   & only CaptainLeonidas

If you would be amenable to have me help you one-to-one, let me know.


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I've been having similar problems with W10 being totaly unresponsive, crashing and BSOD since 2004 update. I followed suggestions of posts with same issues. I did clean uninstall with MWB support tool then reinstalled. I updated to beta version & Component package 1.0.961 plus i have made the suggested tweaks to scan options etc. 

I still find I have to have the ransomware protection disabled in order for my system to be reasonably stable. Are there any other suggestions to fix the problem with using ransomware protection?

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2 minutes ago, nodrog said:

Are there any other suggestions to fix the problem with using ransomware protection?

Until the problem has been finally resolved for all not yet.

Keep ransomware off.

FYI on ransomware,


The Ransomware Protection component is the least proactive in Malwarebytes because it relies entirely on active application behavior in memory to make detections, meaning your system would first need to actually be infected by a live ransomware threat for Ransomware Protection to detect anything.  This is extremely unlikely since you still have the other more proactive components active which should prevent any infection from infiltrating your system in the first place, including ransomware. 


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Please see this pinned topic



Also, it is a good idea to Follow this pinned post at the top of the forum

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Perhaps in light of the posts now popping up left and right, about Windows 10 build 2004 and severe performance issue and the like, you may want to add a check in the MBAsetup.exe checking Windows builds as is before it start the installation itself?

I myself already am telling folks I know to be using MBAM to be extra careful with upgrades (Microsoft and MBAM alike).

So I am doing my part making sure friends and college's of mine do not get trapped in this mess. Time to step up too Malwarebytes?

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We are working on the issue around the clock from offices around the Globe, and it is a top priority. In the meantime disabling the Ransomware protection module is the easiest quick fix until this is resolved.

Also, note that the 2004 build of Windows 10 is not a mandatory update from Microsoft, users have to manually click to install it.

Thank you


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updated information
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Please note that we have released a new beta today that we hope should address the issue with Windows 10 build 2004

If you're running Windows 10 build 2004 and were having an issue please try the new beta and let us know if this beta version corrects the issue or not.

Thank you


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