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hehehe these are funny B)

lol @ the question your friend was asked frequently, Exile. hehe.

Perhaps it should be phrased "any other key". Well, then again, someone might just then ask "where's the any other key" lol!

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These type of incidents happen in real life.

I remember some years back I went to a camera shop, offcourse to buy a camera. Those were the days of SLR's.

(single lens reflux)

I went alone, cause my uncle who is an amateur photographer had some urgent work that day. (I thought of taking him for guidance).

After selecting a model I asked the salesperson whether it will take colour photos.

He just smiled, & told me, "it's the film which decides whether the photos are colour or black & white and not the camera, if u load colour film u get colour photos, if u load b & w film then u get b & w photos".

Then another incident:

One day I went to a cd shop to buy comp. games cd. The shop keeper asked "configuration".

I replied "Compaq 17" desktop".

He got angry, ''I did'nt ask about your model, tell me whether it's p3 or p4 & the ram capacity and whether u have cd or dvd drive".

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