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MBG block several direct download sites. It act as police

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Makes download eboooks a difficult task


mundofile.com blocked due trojan

 openload.cc blocked due TLD

s01.solidfilesusercontent.com blocked due trojan

anonfiles.com blocked due phishing

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s01.solidfilesusercontent.com shows "malicious" by CRDF: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/416d767d296589a4643acf79abe98d388e62265e25bb98bc1bfe3f0a60d7cf59/detection

anonfiles.com shows as "malicious" by two scanners: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/7256d5363b97ea3cb8dbaa104d2a1b9dd21400e5b60ad71d956291ad046f8ebc/detection

Please provide links to VirusTotal here for any future reports to speed things up. I suspect the above will have to be cleared with their respective scanning sites before they will be whitelisted here.

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Sorry for 2nd post, as cant edit.

Also as you see at both cases only 1 engine, it mean false positive (for that is Vuristotal)

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Having only one scanner identify a malicious site in no way makes it a definite False Positive. Each scanner has it's own sources for identifying such things. There will always be occasions when a scanner is first to identify. There are numerous examples of Malwarebytes verifying such identifications after doing their own research.

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4 hours ago, gatortail said:

The blocks on s01.solidfilesusercontent.com and anonfiles.com are being removed.  The block on mundofile.com will remain.

Thanks, first and 2nd links are often used by the site where I find ebooks. The 3rd is rarely used

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