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I deleted my trash the other day and has happened to me twice that some random files re appear in trash after deletion, does this have to di with malware or just a simple bug?

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On 1 de junio de 2020 at 6:09 AM, treed said:

This is not due to malware, but can be due to disk corruption. I'd recommend backing up your data and repairing the hard drive:


It can also simply be due to apps that put files in the trash.

Thanks, Apple said it could be a bug.

why does disk corruption occur? Should I worry?

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1 hour ago, yael said:

Apple said it could be a bug.

A bug in what, macOS?

1 hour ago, yael said:

why does disk corruption occur? Should I worry?

Corruption can occur for any number of reasons, but that's really not what you should be focusing on. Just realize that it happens to everybody, eventually and in some cases software can repair the damage, but not always. As was said, back up your data and repair it, if it exists.

But drives will ware out, usually somewhere around three years of age. Again, the electronics of the drive can swap out bad sectors for good ones from it's reserve, but when the reserve is gone, then so is the reliability of your hard drive and it will have to be replaced. Again, solid, recent backups are your only insurance against loosing data.

So if the damage is not repairable and you don't have a current backup, then it's actually past time for you to worry.

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