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Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League FINALLY!

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After years of pressure from fans (like myself) who begged, pleaded and offered our first born to the studio execs behind the DC cinematic film universe to release the unaltered, pre-Joss Whedon version of their box office bomb Justice League having seen what we believe was the far superior (and actually coherent from a plot perspective) version of his previous film in the franchise, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the form of the 'Ultimate Edition', we are finally getting a 'Snyder Cut' of the film's sequel, Justice League.

It is going to be an HBO Max exclusive in order to promote the new paid streaming service.  Unfortunately that means I'll likely have to wait a while before I will be able to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League, but I'm sure it will be made available on services like Amazon before too long as they know how profitable publishing on those other providers' platforms can be, especially with what they know is a much anticipated release with a lot of fan support behind it.

The Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman is one of my favorite films and I don't even bother with the shorter theatrical release having already seen it at least 2 more times than I needed to (that film is a confusing mess and the extended cut is the only way to watch it, at least in my opinion).  I am hopeful the extended cut of Justice League turns out even half as good, though I'm not expecting miracles as Zack Snyder never actually completed the entire film to begin with as he had a personal issue and had to leave with Joss Whedon taking over in his absence.

I heard they are going to do more than just cut together the unreleased scenes that Zack Snyder filmed and that they were going to complete/add in the full CG effects for the unfinished scenes and I am hoping they will do whatever is needed to show as much of Snyder's original vision as possible, because based on the previous film we already know that there was supposed to be much more to Justice League than just Steppenwolf and no doubt Darkseid would have at least made a cameo (Justice League was originally going to be a 2-part film, with the first one having Steppenwolf and the second one having Darkseid himself battling the Justice League).  Either way, I'm excited to see a different take on these characters again and I look forward to seeing it :).

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