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How to get the Windows 10 May 2020 Update version 2004

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The point is that a static ISO image will always be older and will always require manually updating. Yes, both methods will continue to become outdated but you can use DISM to also actually update that image on a bootable USB install disk any time you like. You cannot do that with the static ISO image. (at least not quite as easily)

Even if you did not update either method.

Example, both downloaded on 01/01/2020

From day 1 of the ISO download it will not be up to date and will require manually installing Windows updates after the installation. Lets say 10 updates for sake of argument.

From day 1 the MCT created one will already be up to date and not require any further updates after installation.

Day 90

Static ISO already needed 10 updates. Now 90 days later it will require all new updates from the past 90 plus it's original 10 unless one or more updates also covers previous updates (sometimes it does sometimes it does not)

MCT created will only need the new from the past 90 days. So, in theory 90 days later it still will be faster to use as it will not require those other 10 to be installed. But, again you could use DISM in an automated script to update that MCT build every single day if you wanted to so that every time you went out to set up some users system it would always be up to date. Not so with your ISO method.


Please don't get me wrong. It's your business and your right to take care of and manage your customers as you see fit @Porthos  I'm simply trying to fully understand your position as opposed to what appears to be at least a little faster method using the MCT method.


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@AdvancedSetup I will make a new MCT after the next CU an see if it slipstreams the CU into it.

I always do clean installs off line. Especially since you have to be disconnected for it not to make you sign in or create a MS account. (without cheating with a fake number as a phone number.)

So if the rebuilt MCT next month does not have the new CU as part of it, Then I am correct and it is not going to update it.

I am curious to see the results as well.

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I hear you and only recently even realized that Microsoft was doing that @Porthos for the Home version of Windows 10 - VERY annoying and perhaps even almost unethical to force that type of install.

I always use the Pro version so didn't realize it was happening

How to Create a Local Account While Setting Up Windows 10


I was trying to help a user with Windows 10 home and they didn't know they even had a PIN or an online account. They claimed Microsoft was unable to help get them back into the system. I figured out how to get back into it and finally got them fixed up but totally disagree with Microsoft's insistence of setting up that way.



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16 hours ago, AdvancedSetup said:

use DISM to also actually update that image on a bootable USB install disk any time you like.

Do you happen to have instructions on how to do this?

15 hours ago, AdvancedSetup said:

I have been doing this trick for quite some time.

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2 hours ago, Firefox said:

Thanks @AlexSmith

No problem!!

For those wondering what the basic process would be to manually slipstream updates in to a WIM, this is what you would do:

  1. Download the latest SSU and CU updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog
  2. Copy the base Install WIM (sources\install.wim) to a temporary location
  3. Extract the WinRE.wim file (Windows\System32\Recovery\winre.wim) using 7Zip (saves a ton of time instead of mounting via DISM to extract)
  4. Mount the WinRE WIM using DISM
  5. Update the mounted WinRE WIM with the latest SSU then CU using DISM
  6. Unmount and save changes to the WinRE WIM
  7. Mount the base install WIM and select one of the included OS images (usually has about 4 of them)
  8. Place the updated WinRE wim in to the mounted Install WIM (Windows\System32\Recovery\WinRE.wim)
  9. Update the mounted Install WIM image with the latest SSU and CU using DISM
  10. Unmount and save changes to the Install WIM
  11. Repeat steps 7 through 10 for the additional Indexes/Images in Install.wim



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