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In the MBG guide (Settings screen) it is said: "Ads/Trackers: This is mainly a privacy settings, and has no effect on your safety. Turning this setting off may slow website access".

  • As I disabled this setting for some sites, is it normal that the concerned pages are now slower to load ?
  • I noticed this in Microsoft Edge Chromium only, not in Firefox ..... is this normal too ?

I'm using latest MBG v 2.2.4 in both browsers.

Thanks ! :)


- Win 10 2004 - Build 19041.264 -

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Turning off Ad/Tracker blocking can make pages slower to load - simply because they are now loading the Ads that would otherwise have been blocked with the setting enabled.

If there are a lot of Ads on a page then most of the page loading time can be taken up loading those Ads, especially if the Ads have graphicis and video/animations.

If the Ads are blocked from loading then the rest of the page will load more quickly, it's one of the major reasons why people use Ad blockers.

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It's probably just down to the differences in the ways the two browsers handle loading pages and ads and other embedded content.  Each browser is different for the most part when it comes to performance and how they handle loading content so there can be big differences between them when it comes to performance.

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